Thursday, May 25, 2017

Despite Assurances from CBP National Leadership, CBP Adjudications of TN Registered Nurse Petitions Remain Problematic

During the course of a meeting with immigration lawyers on May 23, 2017 at the Peace Arch border crossing, CBP leadership there  announced that Blaine CBPO’s would continue to deny TN nurse status to otherwise qualified  APRNs (i.e. nurses who have met advanced educational and clinical practice requirements, and often provide services in community-based settings.

APRNs' services range from primary and preventive care to mental health to birthing to anesthesia).
See for problems APRN’s recently experienced in Detroit.

After the Detroit incidents, national CBP authorities issued a statement stating the agency performed a review and “deemed that those [nurses with] specialized degrees do fall under the TN status.” Thus the question arises, did national CBP authorities fail to notify CBP leadership at the Peace Arch as to  affirmation of longstanding CBP practice or has Peace Arch CBP gone rogue?